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Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Yes Kueen, you heard me. Who wants to spend their days on earth being a man’s peace? Sounds stressful. But before you go off hear me out…

I’m sure you are aware, but us women are emotional. That’s also what makes us natural nurturers and healers. It’s quite magical. Ever seen a mother kiss a child’s pain away? Just like that, all better. But on the contrary if we allow ourselves to be slaves to said emotions then chile…all hell can break loose at the drop of a dime. Slashed tires, keyed cars, bleached clothes, death threats…Ummm, yea.

What I’m saying is, you simply can’t “be”something you are not. The relationships you have are a reflection of yourself. If you, yourself are not at peace how can you possibly provide peace for someone else? (Sometimes it even means to peacefully leave his ass alone! )

Throughout my journey, I have learned that when I focus on myself and becoming my best version, it shows up in my daily life and relationships. We must learn to cope with life’s stressors by practicing emotional maturity and being present with our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Remember, emotions are good servants but poor masters.

Peace be on you, Kueen ❤️

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kimberly ogwonuwe
kimberly ogwonuwe
08 juin 2022

The title caught my attention, I truly needed this. thank you


Da'Jah DeFreitas
Da'Jah DeFreitas
24 sept. 2021

Love this! <3

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