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Grow Baby.

What is perfection? Being perfect, what does it look like? What does it mean?

I’ve come to my own understanding that all perfection really is, is balance. Balance can be executed in many areas of life; the way you eat, in the way you think, etc. Although it may be hard to naturally change the way you look, you should be balanced in the way you see yourself and appreciate your uniqueness (and life for that matter).

Look at nature. How different would life be if there was only one type of tree? When we look outside, we see many species with unique patterns, flowers and fruit - it’s a beautiful thing. The same can be thought of us as individuals - different features, cultures, different styles, and tastes. As much as we can appreciate different fruit, we should understand that an appreciation of differences in people is equally as important.

In a meditation, I thought to myself, “Look at how devastated the trees were after hurricane Maria in 2017.” All trees were baron, burnt and leafless. This summer, there were fruits in abundance when a few years ago this was fantasy. The word nature, root word “nat”, is Latin for born. Makes sense because we witnessed the island come back to life (born again). Soon came the new branches, leaves and before you knew it, new fruit.

What a beautiful example of perseverance. The beauty of nature to continuously grow, made me reflect on my own abilities. Although we may never be perfect, may we strive to achieve perfect balance.

Continue to evolve and bear fruit.

Grow baby.

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This was a joy to read! 🌱


Love it! Inspiring 🖤

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