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It's Not Him, It's You.

Often times, I hear women complain about dogs. Apparently, another name for them is men; cheating, lying, trifling, half-assed men. If you listen to your single friends, they’ll probably say they're everywhere in abundance and the good ones are either taken, weird, too busy, or gay. Welp! I’m here to pop your bubble. That’s bullshit. Completely! Now, I’m not saying that the dating pool is perfect, but I believe I’ve recently cracked the code and it’s simple. Too often we’ve heard about self love. It seems like that’s all people talk about these days. But I kid you not, it’s the key to many of your locked doors.

On a previous blog post, I spoke on being at peace. But now, I want to touch on why it’s so important. It’s called the law of resonance. It has less to do with your desires and more to do with your frequency. That’s why self love is so important. When you don’t value yourself, it allows you to fall in alignment with someone who feels the same. A woman in full acceptance, love and understanding of herself and her values will not allow herself to experience less. Anything less than what she deserve’s, won’t even make sense to her - there will be no compatibility. Two missed calls and a couple unanswered texts would let her know that her time and energy is not of value and she'll take her greatness elsewhere. There is no need to ask , “why haven’t you called back?” He saw your message sis (on occasion, life does happen). Even a man that’s not ready will GET ready for a Kueen who knows her own worth. Period.

Remember, your value does not come from someone else.

And I repeat.

It’s not him, it’s YOU. 👑

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