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Top Notch!

This Scorpio season, I was feeling good! It was fuck everything else! 🤭 Sorry, I had to say it. Lol Honestly though, my birthday was coming up and I was feeling like a "bad bitch." I usually hate that term but TODAY?! Y'all need to know, your girl was feeling spicy! Oh mehn!🌶

Are you familiar with that feeling? No? Well, here's your reminder to think highly of yourself! How’s your quality of life? How happy are you? Stressed? Unhealthy? Is your pussy good? Lmao I need to chill, but honestly, is it? I know someone answered “Hell Yeah”, I feel you sis!😂 As Kueens, we need to make checking in with ourselves a priority. If you’re living good that means you’re thinking great! That’s where it all starts! A focused mind is a power tool! When you have high self worth, you attract better quality experiences. It’s even easier to release pointless situations when you know you deserve better.

Let's not only wait for our birthdays or a new year to feel top notch. You're bad all year-round sis. Act like it! Feel good, look great, and don't take no shit! For more tips on how to achieve that top notch status, check out this video I watched recently by Six the Goddis on "How to Look Good Every Day. The Science." Sis told no lies.

Until next time, #keepkueening! 👑

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