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Seasons Change, So Should You.

Have you ever heard the saying, "Ever since she...(insert the matter that never concerns them), she changed."? Here's the real question. Why is that a problem? Why can't a person see better for themselves and do better for themselves? I would hope that everyone has changed from the person they once were at some point in time. Now, don't get me wrong. Sometimes people change for the worse rather than the better, but either way, it is that person's journey to take.

That's the beauty of change. Being able to make an assessment of all aspects of your life and choosing the path that best suits you. A few chats ago, we touched on the importance of growth and how it happens when the seasons change. I know you didn't think I was referring to the bush outside only! Boo thang, I was talking about you! In life, you live and you learn. Sis, we are out here living our best lives and I refuse to believe you never had a moment where you needed to "wheel and come again" - it happens to the best of us. What you won't do is turn the same corner twice! Ok, let's be real. Some of us reading this with on the corner with our left indicator on right now! Haha! Aye, that is life though. It may not be MY journey (anymore), but yours. One day, you will catch yourself, burst the red light and go straight into CHANGE and GROW!

Honestly, change is scary. Change is also not always about "wahename." It could be a new car, a new career, a new house or a new blessing that you received. Whatever it is boo, don't let anyone rain on your parade about how you changed all of a sudden. Embrace that change, take that journey and if anyone has anything to say, tell them, "Seasons change, so should you!"

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